Bhulekh in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer

People in India, particularly in Orissa, can check their land registration through the bhulekh online portal using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Here are the easy steps in using the online portal.

Google Chrome

  • Install Odia Font - The first thing that you need to do is to visit the website bhulekh.ori.nic.in and click Download Odia Font button. After you click the button, you need to click the install button so you can do the next step. Make sure that you are using the Google Chrome browser as you follow these steps.
  • Install IE Tab - This next step is somehow complicated because you need to install the IE tab extension. To proceed to this step, you need to download the IE extension tab through the Chrome web store. You just need to search for the IE Tab extension. After you locate it, download the extension. Make sure that you click the add button so that the extension will appear in the browser.
  • The extension will direct you to the web portal just by clicking the extension. You do not need to visit the website and click other tabs to get t information from the database.

Internet Explorer

For internet explorer, you need to download the database because there is no extension available for this browser.

  • Download Odia Font – Visit the bhulekh.ori.nic.in to download the the Odia font. After you download it, you need to save it in your computer.
  • Install it – There are two ways to install the Odia Font. The first way is to copy it to C:\Windows\Fontsso you can install it. The other way is to open the font ORBW-TTMukta EN Normal then click the install button. Check the Fonts Folder of Windows if the installation has been successful.


Benefits When You Buy Cialis Powder on the Internet or Online

Online shops sell various things

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Rewards in buying online

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  • If you are in a secure website, there is assurance that the research chemicals are safe and safely delivered with no problems.
  • The delivery days is not a problem because it can be delivered in the shortest amount of time and some may not include some shipping fees, depending on the quantity you ordered or you have met the standards of some promo in a certain online shop.

Now that you know about the benefits, why not try it now and see for yourself?


Take Care of Your Mouth

The mouth is one of the most useful parts of the human body. Along with that, the mouth can also be one of the dirtiest parts of the body. It is usually dirty since that is where food comes in and if left uncared for can be really dirty. Then again it doesn’t have to be dirty as people can take care of their mouth to help keep it clean and tidy. Then there are also those that go and see a Dentist Grand Rapids is one of those areas that don’t have a shortage of good dentists. There are also other ways to take care of your mouth.

How to take care of your mouth

  • It’s already given that one should brush their teeth three times a day. There are those that brush their teeth before and after they eat. It’s not really advisable to brush a lot as it can also damage your teeth but make sure you brush your teeth before you go to bed.
  • You can also watch what you eat as some food can be horrible for your teeth. These would include really hard food as well as too many sweets. Just make sure you watch the things you eat.
  • There are also a couple of oral care products that one can use to take care of your mouth. You can always use mouthwash to rinse your mouth every morning when you wake up and when you go out.

Why you should take care of your mouth

  • You wouldn’t want to have your mouth stricken with pain and a lot of diseases. It’s best to prevent things from happening if you don’t want to experience them.
  • It can also save you some money when you don’t have any mouth and oral problems. You don’t need to go to the dentist which again saves you money.

Taking care of your mouth is ideal so that you won’t have any problems in the future.


Elo boosting points

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Earning Boosting Points

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If you do not want to spend on the services, you can refer a friend. However, it is important to remember that you can get the additional boosting points if your friend made his first purchase. You are allowed to invite as many as you want. Your friend can also avail a discount if available.

Spending boosting points

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