QTPOC Birmingham

QTPOC Birmingham is a group for people of colour, who are queer and/or trans*, based in/near Birmingham and want to meet face-to-face semi-regularly.

We welcome anyone who self-identifies as both:

queer or trans* - including Intersex, Bisexual, Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Queer, Gender Queer, Gender Variant or Non Conforming, Undefined, Questioning, and Exploring people


of colour - those who are descended through one or more parents from anywhere in Africa, Asia, the Middle East; Indigenous peoples of Australasia, the Americas, the Islands of the Atlantic, Indian Pacific, and Roma Sinti (and) Travellers

...and thus, caketivism.com was born!

I'm LiLi*, an introvert animal who enjoys squeeing about amazing vegan food, cosying with close friends & writing.

I'm a web geek from London who now lives in Birmingham, UK.

I created this site to experiment with Drupal. Not much here at the moment...

* pronounced "leely"

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